Thank you very much to using Watari. I really glad to get a chance to greet to you.

The reason why we started developing this app/web is that I thought everybody have original story that can takes good effect to others. If you can write contents easier, nicer effect would spread around you. That is what we thought.

However, I'm a lazy person, I don't want to write a post everyday in front of desk. I wish I can write anywhere anytime I want. Even in commutation, traveling, or laying down the floor in my room.

Therefore, we have developed it to solve it. The functions will be enhanced as possible as I can. I hope this app/web for helping your writing better, easier and closer.

We have not decided yet the direction/goals for this app fully. We are always welcome any feedbacks and feature requests.


What does Watari means?

The "Watari" means "passing over" or "crossing over" in Japanese.

If you post recipes, I can cook well.
If I post favorite restaurants, your friends can go and enjoy it.
If your friends post study logs, it may help you when you learn it.

It is like "positive effect crossing over", then we named it "Watari".

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About company

Wataridori Inc
Address: 1015, 1-9-7, Kita-Shinagawa, Japan


Wataridori CEO, Yasuyuki Toriumi.